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Mrs. Cari D

The more you understand this language,the easier your life becomes.
Open your mind, find out what is waiting for you.
You will see that it is so simple to look at BEYOND THE STARS
– Mrs. Cari D

Carina Drotos

Astrologer, Tarot Reader, 
and Mindfulness Specialist


 Kanagawa, JAPAN

Get hold of your life with the help of
the language of stars

Have you ever wondered what sign you are and what does it mean for you? The sign depends on your birthday.

Were you aware that your Moon sign is very essential for your zodiac profile? Your moon sign means that during the period of your birth, the moon was traveling through a particular Zodiac Sign which was allotted to you.

Astrology is a language that the sky speaks to you, all you need is a good astrologer to understand the language and interpret it for you. Horoscope is the part of astrology that deals with the reading of the fortunes from the arrangement of the stars at the moment of birth. You can learn various things about yourself such as personality, current fortune, future fate, compatibility.

Astrology is mainly characterized as a broad phenomenon that helps you to interpret every aspect of your life. You can introspect through yourself once you get to know about your stars from a good Astrologer.
Through astrology, you can take a look at the essence and future of things. Astrology uses the movement of the sky and the arrangement of the stars to understand a person and throw light upon the person’s past, present and future.
With the information of the planets and your zodiac, I can deduce and interpret the characteristics of your life and yourself.

HOLA! I am Carina,

I am an individual who is motivated to help people to resolve their problems and to help them find the things that they are searching for, in life. I am a professional and I confidently handle my clients. I manage the queries and issues of my clients very well. I am very efficient in communication as it is my job to communicate the language of the stars and the planets to the people who come to me. I can speak 4 different languages so obviously communication is not a problem. I had the great opportunity to get trained under a great wellness coach who helped me discover my passion for Astrology and since then I wanted to dedicate all my time to come up with my own business and help people through my passion because that is what I do best!

I love to express and explain things to people that I like. I aim to work and serve in such a way that my ideas and talents cater to the world and the people. I am immensely passionate about bringing awareness about astrology to the people in depth.

The Journey of Self-Discovery

The energy from the Universe tells you a lot, the starts and the planets unravel various paths for you, about which you are completely unaware. I have chosen tarot cards and astrology as tools to understand the energy from the universe and to use my spiritual gifts in specific areas of life where clients need guidance and support. I am much honored to help those who have chosen me. I believe that the right mentoring can help you attain mindfulness and can help you get your life on the right track. My clients are utterly pleased with my services.

 About Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards will always show you the journey of your life. Each and every card from the set reveals a lot about you and gives you useful information; some cards will show you the turning points of your life. Tarot card reading will tell you a lot about your destiny and maybe because of that you might be able to avoid a mishap in your life, wouldn’t that be great?

 Why Mindfulness is necessary for you?

Attaining Mindfulness is one of the ways in which you can be at peace and can be fully aware of your surroundings. Mindfulness is the ability of humans to live and experience the present. A lot of people find it difficult to do so and that could be because you are doing it wrong. I am here to introduce the mechanism and the right practice method to attain mindfulness. The right practice for mindfulness can help you live every moment of your life happily and it will stop you from getting overwhelmed in various situations.

Currently, I am a certified astrologer, tarot reader, and a mindfulness specialist.  I will be glad to teach spiritual enlightenment through training you for mindfulness and bringing your life on the right track by reading your tarot cards for you along with some hints from the stars and planets.


what my clients says

I would recommend to everyone! Great to work with and are excellent information. Thank you!

Roberta Smith

Roberta Smith


Thank you so much for being there for us each time we need it. Love you!

Stacy Watson

My principal areas of expertise

Professional Certificates

💫JADP (Japanese Ability Development Promotion Association)
・Horoscope Reader Master ・Mindfulness Specialist
💫JAAMP (Japanese Association for Aroma Medical and Psychotherapy)
・Spiritual Tarot Advisor - Tarot Card Reader Instructor
・Western Astrology Advisor - Horoscope Reader Instructor
💫JFTA(Japan Fortune Telling Association)
・Wester Astrologer ・Tarotist
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