Western astrology is astrology that interprets the nature and fortune by looking at the direction of the planet when seen from a certain place at a certain time, but what is needed is an astronomical map that shows the arrangement of stars. Horoscope.
Because the stars are constantly moving, even if they are on the same birthday, the same horoscope cannot be created if the place and time of birth are different.

 Decoding Horoscope

The horoscope contains four fundamental elements: PLANETS, SIGNS (constellations), HOUSES, and ASPECTS, each of which has an important meaning.

At first glance, it seems to be very complicated and difficult, I understand that. That what I felt at the beginning but trust me, it is more simple than you can imagine. Knowing the meaning of the four fundamental elements and message of each one will help you understand the horoscope.

A horoscope is made at a specific date and time is called a Birth chart or more now as Natal Chart. Using a capture of the sky at the moment you born, this natal chart is used to understand the basic personality of the person.
Also, there is a Transit chart which is the one created from “the current star movement”. Use to see the overall star influence and fortune. When interpreting an individual’s fortunes, the person’s natural chart may be used as a base, and maybe interpreted by overlaying a transit chart representing the current star movement.

In the horoscope, planets and signs are represented as shown in the following figure.


SUN          MERCURY     VENUS         EARTH         MOON         MARS          JUPITER    SATURN    URANUS      NEPTUNE         PLUTO

Zodiac Signs


 How to read a Horoscope

When reading the horoscope, first we will look at which sign the planet is located. Some signs may contain a lot of planets and some may not.
However, even if there is no planet in a sign that is important here, it does not mean that the person himself has nothing to do with the meaning of the sign. Because the horoscope symbolizes everything in itself, everyone potentially has all the signs. Think of it as a planet that makes them stronger.
To read a horoscope, you need to remember at least the meaning of 12 signs and the meaning of 10 planets. Once you understand these meanings, you will now read the meaning of signs and planets in combination.
In that case, it will be easy to understand if you think like this.
 Planet:  body (function of action)
 Sign:     clothing (atmosphere and condition)
After understanding the combination, we will look at the aspect, which is the force that works from the relationship between the house, which is called a 12-divided horoscope, and the positional relationship (angle) between the celestial bodies.
In this way, it is possible to read and understand the horoscope by knowing and combining the meanings put in each order.
From the next page, we will tell you the details of each.

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