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Astrology is a language that the sky speaks to you.
Today, I would like to share with you a quick guide for each zodiac sign.

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ALL ABOUT AQUARIUS; The eleventh zodiac sign.


A sign of individuality and innovation

Aquarius always try to interact with many people regardless of gender or age. Their final goal is getting freedom in the future and hope to have an equal relationship with their significant other. Also, their behavior is too innovative that everyone might not understand. Never change of opinion and focus on pursuing new values.


Innovative, Quick thinker, Globalized, Technology, Innovative, Friendly,
Defiant, Gentil, Utopian, Isolated, Distrustful.


 Represented Tarot Cards:

Inspiration and creativity. Wisdom and hope.

The beginning of spiritual exploration, A leap of faith.


 Recommended Power Stones:

Emerald | Improves their intuition, and promotes mental clarity to support their constant thinking.

Moonstone | Brings back in touch with their emotions and helps them achieve emotional balance.

Labradorite | Supports their visionary qualities, balancing inspiration with insight.

Garnet | Helps to hold true to their dreams and plans for the future. Brings passion and fire, along with a steady grounding energy 

 Basic Characteristics

  • Aquarius individuals are very friendly and like funny stories and jokes.
  • Aquarius can get impressed immediately by others and laughs a lot, but then to have a one-way conversation. However, they are not bound by general theory or secular values.
  • Think from scratch with their own head, logically, and reasonably connect to the conclusion. It often comes to conclusions that are far from general, and people around me tend to think that they are unique.
  • Aquarius doesn’t focus too much on other people, they don’t focus on their neighbors, and think that they don’t want to be interfered with by others. These qualities are not bound by the values ​​of good and evil, but truly fair and equal, which cannot be measured by morals and ethics alone.
  • Aquarius individuals enjoy an intellectual atmosphere no matter what, they will probably enjoy visiting art exhibitions. Also, Aquarius people despise and hates vulgar and uncultivated people because they always seek good quality relationships.

 Love Life and Romance

  • Aquarius got interested in beautiful/handsome people which is directly linked to romance. They will take a lot of time to get serious in a relationship.
  • When it comes to communication, Aquarius think as people are people, and I am myself, so basically it is a philanthropist who treats everyone on an equal. However, they are not good at being caught in greasy relationships and feelings, and if I step into my heart too much, they tend to shut out. However, when love starts, they are very passionate and absorbed in it.
  • Although it cannot be understood in this way, the root is a serious and highly ideal individual. If they meet someone with similar aspirations, they will have great success.
  • Aquarius tend to hate being tied up at home. In the first place, they regard marriage as an equal relationship contract. Good or bad, they won’t worry too much about children or family in general. Divorce may also be considered as one form of “try to keep peacefulness at home”.

 Career and Jobs

  • Aquarius, which has the characteristics of the air, is very curious and has a wide field of view. It takes in a lot of information from a wide range of worlds and creates unique values through repeated efforts. Also, they try to evaluate both their own power and others’ power with objectively and fairly sensitive.
  • They maintain a sense of independence while respecting the privacy of both themselves and others while maintaining friendly sociability. For them, there is no such extra pride or jealousy, so Aquarius will be able to improve their relationships and harness their strengths.
  •  It is easy for them to build good teamwork as if everyone were their friends and if Aquarius meet someone with similar aspirations, they will have great success in work and relationship. Example: Aquarius has a strong pioneering spirit of trying to incorporate new things without any resistance. It has strong suitability for IT-related and Internet security-related work, even works as an Influencer. However, although they have the talent to communicate without fear of anyone, his emotional side is somewhat insensitive and lacks attentive attention. Even if Aquarius don’t feel empathy, they can learn techniques to grasp the mind as a skill, so depending on the person’s motivation, the coaching industry is good suites. It is a zodiac sign that can be work in any field – multiple ways. On the other hand, what is not suitable is a workplace or work that is tied up by old methods or sticks to inefficient work, causing Aquarius can’t make the most of their talent, so should avoid it.


     Decoding “Aquarius” in an Astrological way


  • In astrology, Aquarius is the eleventh of the twelve zodiacal constellations.
  • Their season comes during the rainy season in winter, the water of life is stored deep in the bottom of the earth.
  • According to Greek Mythology, Aquarius comes from the story of the Deucalion Flood. The water from the heaven that was poured by Zeus from Aquarius is also the water that God sent to cleanse all the evil and dirt on earth, as a characteristic of Aquarius which seeks peace and love for humanity on the earth.
  • This sign is also associated with the cupbearer of Olympus – Ganymede.

The keyword for Aquarius: ”I know”

  • The era which represents in our life as Aquarius, it’s time to retire, give free advice to people around, and serve to the society.
  • We will gain the spirit of welfare and the conviction for the future, wishing for the prosperity of society as a whole rather than the happiness of individuals.

The Ruling Planet of Aquarius is Uranus.

  • Uranus is the planet that controls leap, reform, division, and originality. Also is connected with Astrology, scientific sense, invention talent, and innovation.
  • It is also called a planet that breaks tradition, and it is a planet that breaks down the old regime and opens up new possibilities. The change that Uranus causes suddenly occurs and is not predictable.
  • Uranus’s influence in our chart opens up unexpected places in fields that require inspiration and originality, but due to abnormalities and rebellion, it leads to sudden fateful reversals, leading to isolation and you may get lost.
  • Although another characteristic of Uranus is sudden action and unconventional, teaches us how to stay out of common sense when escaping from a slump

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