You, Me, Astrology

Astrology is a language that the sky speaks to you.
Today, I would like to share with you a quick guide for each zodiac sign.

…Let’s get started…
ALL ABOUT ARIES; The first zodiac sign.


A sign of brave and quick action

Aries is a hero who jumps into an unknown world. It’s full of power to start new things,
sometimes fighting bravely without quitting to fight.

They may be a bit of forceful personality,
but there is nothing wrong with it and will proceed with things with pure feelings.
However, they can be easy to warm easy to cool.



Very energetic, Vitality, Courageous, Challenger, Confident, Impulsive, Impatient,
Self-assertion, Aggressiveness, Passion, Straightforward.


 Represented Tarot Cards:

Take responsibilities. Social standing and balanced person.

Changes in plans. Profund discovery.


 Recommended Power Stones:

Red Jasper | Promotes vitality and high energy.

| Brings passion and courage.

Rose Quartz
| Will benefit in balance out their aggressive nature.

Aqua Marine
| Brings more flexibility into their endeavors as Aries flow with the tides.

 Basic Characteristics

  • Aries is powerful, dynamic, independent and full of energy. They have the power to lead people; can display leadership easily.
  • Aries have a strong competitive spirit, so they tend to hate loosing in a competition. Tend to fight until win because they try to be the best in any field.
  • Aries shows their braveness and can act without any risk or obstacle.
  • Aries act immediately when they think of it. Tend to don’t think too much ahead and hate waiting in line, so they always act with the thought of “Now!”.

 Love Life and Romance

  • Aries have a strong preference for emotional connections. However, there is also the drawback that Aries try to behave in a way that their partner cannot know what they really think…
  • Aries like new things, always looking for excitement and spice up their relationships. Therefore, they tend to change their partners quickly until finally find “the one”.
  • If you want to have Aries’s heart, let them chase you. See how they will show you a passionate love.

 Career and Jobs

  • “Being at the forefront and act” is the goal of life.
  • Aries find rewarding to accomplish new things at work and jump into a new path.
  • Types of jobs that are suitable for Aries are a proactive environment, fast phase, and the results/goals oriented work atmosphere.
  • Aries thinks “I want to do what I want” and “I hate being instructed by someone”, so in corporations, they will actively run as a leader or start a company themself. There are probably those individuals who build their company to work on things they really enjoy. 

     Example: sales, planning, marketing, advertising, services, and creative job. Also, as Aries being high intellectual individuals with curiosity and desire to improve, they can enjoy working as recruiters or educational sectors.

 Decoding “Aries” in an Astrological way

  • In astrology, Aries is the first sign of the twelve zodiacal constellations. 
  • Considered the sun enters this zodiac to be the Equinox. The ground sprouts vigorously and the green begins to sprout.
  • In Greek mythology, God of War, one of the Twelve Olympias, the son of Zeus and Hera.
  • The model is a magnificent ram with a Golden Fleece, sent by Zeus that saved Phrixus and Hele from their lies.
  • In the Babylonian era, the Equinox was the beginning of the year and the Aries constellation was treated differently as the year-changing timing.

The keyword for Aries:  “I am”

  • Aries is a true pioneer and has a leadership that guides people to the new world without fear of any obstacles.
  • They have in mind act by instinct. Learn the importance of establishing one’s living attitude through active assertion.

The Ruling Planet of Aries is Mars.

  • Mars is a planet that controls courage, fighting spirit, passion, activity, and physical energy.
  • Wherever Mars is located, it exposes disputes in matters of concern. However, it gives the person the willingness to face the problem.
  • Mars gives us the power to tackle things and the power to withstand difficulties and obstacles. From time to time will cause discord and conflict, and will increase aggression.
  • Mars also will teach you how to use this power and energy where is located, which is important for you to push forward in your life.

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