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Astrology is a language that the sky speaks to you.
Today, I would like to share with you a quick guide for each zodiac sign.

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ALL ABOUT CANCER; The fourth zodiac sign.


A sign of loving, protection, and value of family

Cancer is someone who wants to be surrounded by people with similar values. Prefer to stay in a familiar environment.
They are charming and smiling most of the time. Have a motherly feature and they could be aggressive to protect their loved ones.
Sometimes they are sensitive and emotional. Mostly known through their great cooking skills.


Family, Home, Defensive, Sensitive, Huge empathy,
Protector, Naturing, Good heart, Change of humor, Restless


 Represented Tarot Cards:


Inner knowledge,  initiation of leaning. Trust your intuition


Leadership abilities. Overcome obstacles.


 Recommended Power Stones:

Moon Stone | Amplifies nurturance, inspiration, and intuition while soothing their emotional state.

Carnelian | Balance their energy that gives a sense of vitality and courage to manifest dreams.

Ruby | Encourage to be passionate, strong, and courageous.

Rhodonite | Helps to release their need for co-dependency, allowing feel secure in relationships. 

 Basic Characteristics

  • Cancer is moved by emotion, values cooperation with others, and appreciates harmony rather than forcing them opinion. Gentle personality and they care about others. Many have a soft personality.
  • They are pacifist and not good at fighting with others, always try to find a good side of people instead of a bad one. Cancer always thinks about the other person over itself and cares about the people around them, especially if they are family. 
  • They hate losing and are highly competitive which gives an impression of their emotion as “grumpy and selfish.” 
  • If anyone around them is in trouble, you can reach out or ask for help. They have a motherly side everyone can rely on.
  • Cancer loves interacting with people. Also, they value their family and close friends and always want to be with someone. That’s why they are not good to be alone.

 Love Life and Romance

  • Cancer does everything for the other person. They will follow their partner faithfully and give priority to their partner. Cancer tends to have a strong dependence, so they are good at following the lead from their partner.
  • Cancer weakness is a strong desire for ownership. When it comes to love they will focus on only for you, you can feel safe and kind, but on the other hand, they tend to be jealous, it is a reaction of afraid to get hurt.
  • Most of the time, their purpose of love is to get married. They want to build a family and will take good care of your loved ones. Therefore, tends to wait longer as a single person. Most likely they will find their partner in the workplace or matching site.

 Career and Jobs

  • Demonstrate powerfully in a small community. They are good at taking care of people,  kind personality, and full of service, it is suitable for the work of supporting someone or organizing a place.
  • They work patiently and like to do things steadily. They are good at paying attention to the details. In addition, since they values tradition, they will be able to work well amongst many people regardless of age or gender.
  • Delicate, attentive, and well-positioned, they are suitable for supporting and teaching to people.

 Example: Secretary, administrative affairs, team managers, leaders, and instructors. They will work perfectly for the service business sector such as restaurants, nursery, advisors, and teachers for children. Since they are good at taking care of people, caregivers, medical care and consultants are also good choices.


 Decoding “Cancer” in an Astrological Way

  • In astrology, Cancer is the fourth of the twelve zodiacal constellations. 
  • When the sun sits around Cancer, most of the time it reaches the summer solstice. Moisten the earth with water in the rainy season.
  • In Greek mythology, represents as the beast of the moon goddess – Serene, who protects the sacredness of marriage and the security of childbirth who represented “the light that shines far”.
  • Because of their Crab shape, Cancer is also called the symbol of the uterus, and it is also considered as the symbol of revival because it regenerates the shell. Cancer has been associated with sacred sites, sanctuaries provided in temples, and shelters since ancient times.

The Keyword for Cancer: “I feel”

  • Cancer is characterized by a defense instinct that does not allow the invasion of foreign enemies and maternal love that tries to protect their child even with a shield.
  • Cancer gives us a meaning of puberty in which has a  dependence on parental protection and the desire to become independent sway in our hearts.
  • Learn the dream of abandoning the past and living in the future, and the adaptability to changes in the environment.

The Ruling Planet of Cancer is the moon.

  • In astrology, 10 celestial bodies are part of ourselves, and 10 are gathered together as oneself. The Moon absorbs and releases the influence of all our planets in our natal chart.
  • Moon controls the mood and emotions, sensitivity, and ability to react to the person and teaches us about the instability in life.
  • Where the moon is located in our area of adjustment, our gentle side, and popularity with the people around us. Also, can create many ups and downs and breaks in life, and tends to close interpersonal relationships.
  • The moon moves at the fastest speed among the 10 celestial bodies and changes its appearance every day.

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