You, Me, Astrology

Astrology is a language that the sky speaks to you.
Today, I would like to share with you a quick guide for each zodiac sign.

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ALL ABOUT GEMINI; The third zodiac sign.


A sign of information and cleverness

Gemini is curious from nature and they react swiftly to all information that enters from the eyes and ears. Since they don’t like to dig deeper, their knowledge is wide and shallow. Also, they tend to be tactful and flattering. After all, they are clever individuals that can demonstrate multi-talent in various fields.



Friendly,  Energetic, Expressive, Quick thinker, Flexible, Superficial, Lack of responsibility,
Suspicious, Traveler, Dispersed, Great service spirit


 Represented Tarot Cards:


As above, as below. Strength of will.

Relationships and choice. Celebrates challenges overcome. Choose wisely.

 Recommended Power Stones:

Moon Stone | Helps to connect with their softer side and soothes and balances their emotions.

Citrine | Promotes passion, motivation, and vibrant energy.

Tiger Eye | Promotes courage, change, and good decision-making skills.

Aquamarine | Creates better communication, helping them bring more love and
gentleness into their communications

 Basic Characteristics

  • Gemini is a curious and social person. Values things like “meaning, words, and relationships.” They will continue to search for the hidden meaning of things and looking into the unknown.
  • Good at making jokes and laughing around. However, they often forget what is important and what they said, which is the lack of concentration that is also a drawback of Gemini.
  • Many Geminis tend to get in trouble. Gemini individuals will need to be extra careful because they can lose trust from people around, especially in the important conversations they had. Don’t forget to give a follow-up to the people around you. Gemini is successful in having a conversation and can regain trust back.
  • Gemini individuals value ​​logic. They are good at understanding the cause and effect of “this is what happens”. With the perspective, they have the ability to think and be practiced as a voice of all humankind.

 Love Life and Romance

  • They tend to have several people who care, and they tend to look on to someone else even they have a lover. This has to be for them easy to get bored with nature and heart change.
  • At the beginning of a romance, always is a lot of fun, never boring. Their adventurousness and curiosity make life fun. The energetic characteristic and unique personality always will surprise you. But to understand that other aspect of them, you need to get along. Take a long time to discover their true charm.
  • From time to time they tried to get in a relationship that is not tied to each other, even though they have a bond like a sibling. There are many Gemini who does not have a love affair somewhere, but if they leave you, feel free to hang out with them. It may come back again…
  • The relationship that has ended completely is a thing of the past for them, and you can easily tell the old story. The good thing about Gemini is that you can talk about your past romance without jealousy.

 Career and Jobs

  • Geminis are very intelligent and tackled lightly even complex things. Also, tend to rugged and somewhat take a risky easily.
  • Their reaction often is flexible, tactile, and quick to make decisions. They are good to express different points of view and connect different views into a suitable shape that everyone could understand.
  • Tend to get tired of doing a single job, and many Gemini have various jobs. They combine different fields and create uniqueness in each career advancement they have. However, if Gemini prefers to do an easy job,  they will not be able to expand horizons and ideas.

     Example: Customer Service industry and sales for customers, research positions that satisfy intellectual curiosity. Also with the strong ability to express, is recommend mass media, advertising, and magazines. As they are the type of person who speaks well, it would be suitable for instructors and teachers as a job to convey knowledge to others. While not very financially obsessed, they may prefer high-risk jobs such as day traders, real estate, and finance to seek inspiration.

 Decoding “Gemini” in an Astrological way

  • In astrology, Gemini is the third sign of the twelve constellations. 
  • The sun carries wind and reproduction, achieved through pollination. It is the turning point between spring and summer.
  • In Greek mythology, it is called the twins Castor and Pollux. Saved the ship from a terrible storm and is widely celebrated by sailors as a guardian of voyages in Greece.
  • As a ship spirit, it was said to be a graceful god spirit that stands and guides the ship at the edge of the ship in the dark nights and storms.
  • It is speculated that the time when the vernal equinox was in Gemini would coincide with the time when migrants and trade and the accompanying cultural exchanges began on Earth.

The Keyword for Gemini:  “I think”

  • Gemini is the most curious and always have fresh ideas.
  • Gemini has both intelligence and execution power as a knowledge transmitter.
  • We learn from Gemini that the interaction and exchange of knowledge between people lead to the development of one’s ability and the expansion of the world of the mind.

The Ruling Planet of Gemini is Mercury.

  • Mercury is a planet that controls intelligence, thought, perception, learning, and communication. Where Mercury is placed, indicates the direction of intellectual interest and the subject of research.
  • Mercury also forms part of the person’s personality along with the sun and moon and helps to express it to the outside world.
  • The effects of Mercury have the potential to enhance their ability to live, but on the other hand, they also lack flexibility.
  • Mercury teaches intellectual fitness, professional competence, and ways to connect with others (especially a connection with your brothers and sisters).

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