You, Me, Astrology

Astrology is a language that the sky speaks to you.
Today, I would like to share with you a quick guide for each zodiac sign.

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ALL ABOUT LEO; The fifth zodiac sign.


A sign of self-expression and creativity

Leos are the kings/queens who know how to express their feelings and very passionate. With a big heart, generous and always kind and supportive to others.
Love to be in the spotlight and they could be self-centered and arrogant at times.


Gift of command, Organized, Optimist, Idealist
Gentle, Strong, Dominator, Proud, Cruel, 


 Represented Tarot Cards:


Good luck, achievements. Vitality and joy.


Have confidence. Strong enough to work hard.


 Recommended Power Stones:

Tyger Eye | Provides confidence, joy, and abundance, and it unblocks their creativity.

Carnelian | Helps to be the best version of themselves, encourages passion, creativity, and vitality.

Black Onyx | Relieves stress and negative energy and helps overcome the fears
and self-doubt that holds them back.

Citrine | Enhances their warmth and generosity, and it brings them
the positivity, energy, and joy they need to thrive. 

 Basic Characteristics

  • Leo’s are very honest with what they want, always have a clear desire, and move straight towards it. 
  • Leo has a strong will and strong self-assertion, but it also has a very naive side. For them, it is embarrassing to show weakness, so even if you have a hard time, they will try to hide no matter what.
  • Leo has the permissiveness of accepting everything, illuminating the individuality of the people around them. With great comprehension helps those in need, finds the good qualities of others, and makes them shines to help in build confidence. Because of Leo’s bright and generous personality, people tend to gather around Leo.
  • Leo loves to get the attention of others and come out in front of them. Most of the time they tend to have great leadership that pulls everyone out from their comfort zone. 

 Love Life and Romance

  • They can quickly get into a relationship because they love to be passionate about what they feel and will demonstrate to the other person.
  • On the other hand, they are easy to get cold. Since Leo are straight forward with their emotions, often could get in a fight with their partner, so it tends to be difficult for a romantic relationship to last long. 
  • Will be easy to have a lot of “lovers”. Be careful not to have an affair in search of a dramatic encounter or situation. 
  • Both men and women are naive and vulnerable, so it would be nice to have a romance with a gentle and inclusive person who truly understands them. Leos want to be supportive in their own family, which can bring to them the energy to live and focus on their job. 

 Career and Jobs

  • Leo is passionate about achieving results and building solid skills. They seek to obtain a reputation and will prefer to choose a work environment in which this reputation is visible. 
  • Passionate about dreams and high ideals. However, it is not uncommon for them to prefer to work individually than in a team, because of their strong personality. 
  • Leo is charismatic, good at pulling people with strong leadership. Can say that rather than being just a member of staff, they might be a leader, the president of the company, or works as a freelance.
  • Many Leos are active in the music and art world. They shine when they get attention from their surroundings, so after all, it is suitable for work standing in front of people such as the entertainment industry.

 Example: Tourism industry, entertainers, artists, musicians are suitable. Moreover, their passionate and energetic character has the power to brightly illuminate the surroundings. Taking advantage of these characteristics, it can be said that it is also suitable for instructors, nursery teachers, and nursing staff for athletes, who teach knowledge and skills to athletes and people.


 Decoding “Leo” in an Astrological Way

  • In Astrology, Leo is the fifth of the twelve zodiacal constellations. 
  • The Leo season is midsummer. The sun burns, radiating heat, and light generously to the earth.
  • Leo is a symbol of Babylonian lords and is considered to be a constellation that protects the throne and the royal authority. In Greek mythology represent as the Nemean, the fearless lion who fought with Hercules.
  • It is said that there is a characteristic of Leo to live in a straight and royal spirit under the authority of the king given by the divine will. 

    The keyword for Leo: “I will”

  • Leos are passionate about love, art, and sports. They love to discover the meaning of my life and their potential.
  • Knowing the joy of creative life activities by acting themselves.

    The Ruler Planet of Leo is the sun.
  • The sun represents and is the star of heat and radiance, the source of life and vitality. 
  • Where the sun is placed in your natal chart, determines the spirit and basic character of the individual, and promotes the awakening of consciousness and self-actualization.
  • The greatest gift of the sun is human dignity and nobility, which gives us the ability to control what we earn for honor and pride.
  • While the sun brings glory and success to life, it can also lead to pride, domineering, selfishness, and misdirection, but it gives you important indicators to keep your life straight.