You, Me, Astrology

Astrology is a language that the sky speaks to you.
Today, I would like to share with you a quick guide for each zodiac sign.

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ALL ABOUT LIBRA; The seventh zodiac sign.


A sign of cooperation and fairness

Libra is always interested in others (especially with their significant others) and wants to build harmonious relationships. Great intermediator who understand different points of views.
On the other hand, might get a wrong impression to others of being always a yes-man and take too serious people’s opinions. But, this could be the greatest weapon of Libra.



Polite, Diplomacy, Harmonious, Sense of beauty, See both sides, Kindness
Undecided, Constant, Indolent, Too dependent on others,  Divine.


 Represented Tarot Cards:


Cause and effect. Honesty, integrity, and equality


Feminine power. Protecting love in your life.


 Recommended Power Stones:

Clear Quartz | Reduce confusion, helping them to be more decisive and improves concentration.

Aquamarine | Helps to bring peace to their decisions, brings balance to their self-sacrifice, and raise energy.

Ametrine | Helps to trust their intuition, brings creativity to their decisions. 

Lapis Lazuli | Helps to communicate more effectively, and express their thought with diplomacy. 

 Basic Characteristics

  • Libra values independence and fairness, and are calm and cooperative with others, and have a good sense of balancing in relationships.
  • However, such a feature creates a backside of their personality where the real intention is hard to see for others. People around you tend to think, “Even if you smile, I don’t really know what you are thinking.”
  • Moreover, since you can judge things without being overwhelmed by emotions, there are many cool and merciless behaviors. It’s not wrong, but people can tend to feel you behave lacking in compassion.
  • However, because of their strong beliefs and their strong sense of justice, Libra is often relied upon by others in the case of a critical moment. At work and in your peers, you’ll be the first to be recognized as the shrewdest person at work.

 Love Life and Romance

  • Libra is often said to be good at romance, but think that the process of interacting with someone they like is the most fun part.
  • Libras love the excitement that comes with love, and even if you experience a terrible heartbreak, you wouldn’t think to left faith in love.
  • The more confident they are, the more they say “I want to spend time at home rather than dress up and go out,” and should surprise their lover.
  • It may show a different side of them and their partner may get surprised by Libra’s usual coolness character, which for many people is a really attractive approach.
  • When Libra get married they tend to be relaxed, respect individuality, cherish each other, gain stability, and prefer to keep peacefulness at home.

 Career and Jobs

  • Libras at work tend to be observers, calm, and think deeply.
  • If you can exercise your ingenuity and cooperation, you will be cherished by seniors, and you will be able to rely on your juniors.
  • However, while thinking over time and valuing the opinions of other people, Libras may make a decision to cut off, such as “I do not need people who cannot do it” and “Merchandise that cannot sell is meaningless”. That is Libra’s cold side of their personality which can lead to discussion.
  • Libra has high communication skills and does not scare people who meet for the first time, so it is easy to get results in sales and negotiations. Also, has an ability as a manager and executives. 

     Examples: Sales, Services industry, and consultant you will be able to demonstrate outstanding skills. In addition, Libras are suitable for designers, producers, writers, show their talents in front of people, and modeling. However, too much responsibility tends to cause stress and damage the mind and body. No matter what your work, you’ll have to adjust yourself for some free time or rest so it doesn’t affect your emotions and health. Decoding “Libra” in an Astrological way


  • In astrology, Libra is the seventh sign of the twelve constellations.
  • The sun sits here and divides the length of the day and night exactly into the autumn equinox. Nature begins to decline, red leaves show up and cold air comes to the ground.
  • In Greek mythology; Themis the Goddess of Justice and it is also known as the “scale of justice” held by Astraea, her daughter.
  • This goddess lives on earth as a guardian deity of human beings during the Golden Age, when people helped each other and suffered no battle or labor. She was the goddess that created the divine laws that govern everything and are even above gods themselves.
  • This zodiac sign holds the hope for compassion, balance, justice, harmony and equilibrium.

The keyword for Libra is: ”I balance”

  • At as personal life, tend to show the time to get married or a serious commitment, to establish a balanced and emotionally stable view of life.
  • This zodiac sign gains the ability to expand your humanity through harmonious beauty and personal cohesion.

The Ruling Planet of Libra is Venus.

  • Venus, as a god of love and beauty, it is a planet that gives lust, power of eros, aesthetic sense, and artistic talent.
  • Where Venus is placed, will show you the characteristic that attracts the opposite sex and the object of praise (present we love). It also shows our wishes for peace and harmony such as cooperativeness, meaningful relationships and a sense of balance.
  • While it is full of happiness and romance, it can disturb morals and fall in love with gambling or something that is not ethical, but Venus is a planet that teaches us the importance of joy and glory.