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Astrology is a language that the sky speaks to you.
Today, I would like to share with you a quick guide for each zodiac sign.

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ALL ABOUT PISCES; The twelfth zodiac sign.


A sign of dream, imagination, and empathy

Pisces have a strong desire for getting out of society and living in their dreams. They are people-people with a strong feeling to share their happiness and service-oriented individuals.
Might urge to escape reality and back to they la-la-land. Have a creative and artistic sense.


Intuitive, Adaptable, Religious, Cheerful, Sensitive, Communicative, Delusional,
Sadness, Lazy, Elusive, Compassionate


 Represented Tarot Cards:


Development of psychic powers. Wisdom gained through years of life.

Relax and let changes come. A new outlook on life. Embrace the idea of initiation.


 Recommended Power Stones:

Lepidolite | Boosts their mood, reduces anxiety, and brings Pisces a sense of peaceful happiness.

Ametrine | Balances conflicts between the spiritual connection, personal power, and the physical state bringing them inner harmony and a peaceful joy. 

Clear Quartz | Enhances their connection to higher consciousness, helping them to find the answers they seek and discover their purpose.

Sodalite | Promotes self-understanding, acceptance of who they are, leading to empowerment through the freedom of authenticity. 

 Basic Characteristics

  • Pisces is a water sign and people born under this sign are compassionate, adaptable, devoted and imaginative. Also, have the power to open up and live their dream life, and will be able to overcome most difficulties.
  • For them, there is no such thing as “humans should be like this” way of thinking, and they believe all humans are the same without any differences from each other, with a big heart and treat everyone with kindness and sometimes strictness. We could say for Pisces there is no limit to show their love or to show their anger.
  • Pisces have two hearts that are always opposite to each other’s feelings. Although it is easy to get a scam or be fooled by others, this comes from the qualities that value purity, beauty, and better power from others.
  • Pisces tend to be less interested in justice and rules, do not see criminals as mere villains, and may try to understand and feel compassionate from the suffering and sadness of those criminals.
  • Pisces jumps across all boundaries of the world, such as self and others, good and evil, men and women. For them, the art of life is one thing they enjoy a lot, and are very well with music and painting. Could help them to have a great time to be surrounded by like-minded friends.
  • One thing to be aware of Pisces is, tend to have many frustrations in their relationships – such as friendship or with lovers. They also have a strong tendency to fall for bad habits, so if you run into alcohol or cigarettes, you may not be able to stop forever. It is important to adopt good habits as much as possible.

 Love Life and Romance

  • Pisces love to fall in love, even there is a tendency to be tied up with their emotions strongly, and especially for people with similar backgrounds and circumstances, that affected them strongly. Also, because it is easily influenced by the other person, they will experience all forms of love during their life. Even a dangerous romance can easily breakthrough their boundaries if their partner is good to convince them.
  • The thing that Pisces people value in love is whether or not they are moved by their feelings, so the way they express and actions take for their partners is always pure. Also, since it is easy to believe in people, it is often the case that they are separated from each other again, but the lover has the innocence of showing the cuteness of wanting to stay together forever.
  • Although Pisces is willing to work for other people regardless of self-sacrifice, it is easy to confuse their efforts and overwork for others. This experience could cause big damage and in the end, be exhausted both mentally and physically and can’t enjoy life as they should be.
  • Pisces strive and love for our partners and families, and will they do their best to make a good family.Even after marriage, there is a tendency for people that wanted to feel as same as at the early stage of their relationship. Often they may feel sad and feel depressed when their life doesn’t happen the way they view.

 Career and Jobs

  • Pisces don’t think about how to get a social position or get a look from others, so naturally will take a job where they want to go and step into various fields during their career.
  • They will show their talent in a way that suits them as a wish. Since Pisces are open-minded, people often rely on them, and it seems that people around them often grow naturally because of the natural guidance from Pisces; this is one of their qualities even they are not aware of their talent of raising people).
  • Pisces have a great sensitivity to the psychological and philanthropy field, but when they run into practical problems tend to get confused, and sometimes start to panic. Example: Since he has a strong ability to understand people’s feelings, the service industry that interacts with people is suitable for them. There are many people who are more comfortable with routine work, or an environment involving calm and behind-the-scenes work. 
    In order to give people a sense of security and comfort, it is suitable for the service industry, sales mainly for children and women, and medical and welfare. In addition, many types have a slightly natural for their intuition or capability to understand the unknown so, could be possible to become a modern mystic coach -such a tarot’ or even medium counselor. Pisces is very attentive and thinks of working for other people rather than for themselves. As a result, even they are busy, tend to undertake work that exceeds their capacity without refusing, or you tend to overwork and put themselves in a difficult environment. So be careful to be kind to yourself and not be overload.


     Decoding “Pisces” in an Astrological way


  • In astrology, Pisces is the twelfth of the twelve zodiacal constellations.
  • It’s time to tell the natural world that a new life awaiting spring regeneration is ready.
  • In Greek mythology, it is said that these two fishes are Aphrodite – the God of love, and Eros- the God of sexuality, were chased by the storm god Typhon and transformed into fish and escaped into the water in help of Zeus. Athena places the fish among the stars and they became the constellation of Pisces.
  • Pisces have been called constellations that send poets to the world since ancient times, and they are constellations with infinite possibilities like the sea.The keyword for Pisces: “I believe”


  • As if the symbol of ancient Christianity was a fish, there is a character of their reflection as “mercy and atonement”, and there are tears with a fountain of compassion that never dies.The Ruling Planet of Pisces is Neptune.


  • Neptune is a planet that controls dreams and ideals and is involved in charity, service, and self-sacrifice.
  • Moreover, it has no power in the physical field, but it gives grace in the purely spiritual field.
  • The events which are affected by where is place under Neptune, either with ideal results or disillusionment. Often influencing as a “beautiful illusion” for good or bad.
  • Neptune is a planet that can’t be seen as a direct connection physically but can teach you something of great value for your emotions.

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