You, Me, Astrology

Astrology is a language that the sky speaks to you.
Today, I would like to share with you a quick guide for each zodiac sign.

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ALL ABOUT SAGITTARIUS; The ninth zodiac sign.


A sign of a wide field of view and free spirit

Sagittarius always looks at the big picture and don’t care about the details.
Very curious to the unknown world and adventurous who loves more than nothing to travel far away.
Thinks forward, impatient and hate the routine work.



Comprehensive, Optimistic, Intellectual, Frank, Philosophical, Prophetic, Cheerful
Generous, Hypocritical, Impatient
Not homely.


 Represented Tarot Cards:

Good luck. The energy and cycles of nature.

Time to be restrained. Find your balance. Look for divine messages.


 Recommended Power Stones:

Amethyst | Helps to get out of their head, connects with intuition, their heart, and spirit.

Black Onyx | Helps to face their fears and remove their masks. Protects from negative energies.

Blue Goldstone | Provides new beginnings in a balanced way, and helps to stay on track with a goal.

Labradorite | Provides physical and spiritual protection and facilitates self-discovery and enhanced intuition. 

 Basic Characteristics

  • Sagittarius tend to be frank and open-minded. They have a perfect calmness that doesn’t care about details and optimism that you can go far away without thinking about your way back. Therefore, many Sagittarius tend to be a traveler.
  • Could be unstable, but they have a strong spiritual interest in life, very brave, and curious individuals.
  • In time to get things done, they proceed without fear of danger. Meeting new people seem to be a favorite activity for Sagittarius, and they could feel fear of other people and the unknown, they come close to them and live actively seeking development.
  • This way to think of openness and bravery is because Sagittarius understands what is really important to humans, and it is the way of telling the true beginning of life after enlightenment. They understand the philosophy of universal truth and enjoy overcome differences in humans.

 Love Life and Romance

  • When Sagittarius likes someone, their passion will rise. They are good to approach someone who they are interested in. They will prefer to chase you rather than be chased, and like a little dangerous or take a risk in relationships.
  • Sagittarius individuals are pure and straight, with a deep sense of kindness that seeks to be honest with their feelings to the other person. However, there are many people who are unlucky in love or relationships.
  • When they are young tend to have few romances that last less than a year, but the chances of last long relationships will come from the end of your 20s to your 30s. If they can’t do what they want, they won’t feel in focus on a relationship.
  • Sagittarius is one of the signs who are good in multitasking. When they got married, they will find time for home, work, and parenting, and will enjoy those busy moments.

 Career and Jobs

  • Once the Sagittarius switch is turned on, they show their passion and push forward toward their goals.Sagittarius is really good to gather information, natural researchers and especially when needing ideas for planning.
  • A passionate fire sign, and one of the flexible signs; Sagittarius is active and their curious nature is passionate about taking on challenges and achieving results but will find it difficult to maintain a constant passion, and often feel at ease.
  • Sagittarius tend to prefer to spend more time doing things they like, rather than building up in one place. There are many Sagittarius individuals who choose freelance, self-employed, or double working rather than stable work because they tend to hate being managed and demanding freedom.
  • However, many of them have the exact shape as they are imagined and have a high degree of perfection. Tend to don’t attach too much to money or monetary goals, so might be easy to keep changing jobs until finding the one truly enjoy. It can be said that the point of “keeping the work motivated and interested” is to make the work last longer. Example: Civilians, personnel working for the government, or even police officers/military could be a good choice since they can have a strong sense of justice, researching, and teaching knowledge to others. Will be a good performer, university teacher, accounting, SE and IT related work with ease. They are quick working and strong against stress, can do their best even in the fast phase service industry. However, if the work itself is not interesting or a sense of accomplishment, will soon get bored. 

     Decoding “Sagittarius” in an Astrological way


  • In astrology, Sagittarius is the nineth of the twelve zodiacal constellations.
  • The climate is cold and dry, and the earth is tense, pushing the course of the year into a period of reflection; begging of winter.
  • In Greek mythology, it is called the centaur, Chiron. Chiron was kind and taught medicine, hunting, music, and prophecy.  He was a wonderful teacher to many great young Greek heroes as an educator with an unusual appearance and a sense of virtue.
  • In the early days of the creation of the universe, monsters with extraordinary traits and peculiar figures were alive. Some people had humans in their front legs and horses in their rear legs. Therefore, the figure of Sagittarius with half a man and a half horse symbolizes the duality of the human soul, which has both noble human nature and wild animal nature.

The keyword for Sagittarius: “I seek”

  • Sagittarius seeks a more advanced philosophy of life and challenges in life. Through the journey of self-discovery, they will know the will of God and will raise to the spiritual level of those who walk with them.

The Ruling Planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter.

  • Jupiter is the planet that controls success, development, and expansion, and is considered to be the largest Lucky Planet.
  • Where Jupiter is placed in your chart will show good luck and offers protection and benefits to both the spiritual and material fields.
  • Jupiter influence human consciousness to a spirit of justice and morality, advanced learning, and religion.
  • Jupiter’s influence makes life bigger, but on the other hand, it’s easy to overdo everything, and it can lead to failures due to excessive optimism, luxury, and dissatisfaction, but it also teaches the interesting tastes that enrich life and humanity.

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