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Astrology is a language that the sky speaks to you.
Today, I would like to share with you a quick guide for each zodiac sign.

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ALL ABOUT SCORPIO; The eighth zodiac sign.


A sign of courage and independence

Scorpio is energetic, they are abrupt in their way of dealing issues, but honest and fair.
Rebelling against oppression and ignore sometimes social limitations.
Sarcastic, obsessive and ruthless, but loyal and expect others to be the same.
They can be hurtful in their way of expressing themselves and insensitive to others.


Secretive, Spiritual, PowerfulSharp feeling, Scientific, Faithful, Magnetic,
Proud, Sensual, JealousExtreme emotions.


 Represented Tarot Cards:

Making positive changes. Depper spiritual and magical awareness. Karma, destiny.

Transformation and change. Something new to grow, something old has to give way.


 Recommended Power Stones:

Obsidian | Helps to heals and work quickly deep to release negative energies.

Amethyst | Supports in archiving levels of peace and wellbeing by calming and feel content.

Red Jasper | Offers the strength, endurance, and stability they need to complete their goals.

Rose Quartz | Promotes unconditional love and compassion. Brings a positive attitude to them.

 Basic Characteristics

  • The deep relationship that can only be created in a one-to-one relationship is one of Scorpio’s preferences.
  • Common sense and general theory have a very low priority in Scorpio’s life, and many Scorpios deeply believe that the definition of happiness is not determined by social titles or financial resources. They tend to be shy when they first meet someone, but when they feel something that blends with them, Scorpios become open all the way.
  • Without being fooled by false theories, Scorpios will have a firm will, deeper intuition, and find values ​​that cannot be compared. For Scorpio, it is possible to summarize such difficult things in an easy-to-understand manner for others.
  • Scorpios are good at reading people’s psychology and advancing strategically, and with outstanding concentration where could be useful professionally to explore and uncover things and analyzed situations.

 Love Life and Romance

  • Scorpio seeks a gentle romance with no ups and downs, and tend to get frustrated for those who change the schedule a lot. It’s more important to meet at certain times than to change last minute.
  • They could give you a first impression as a gentle personality, but on his inside, they are powerful and intimate romance. They will have a good match for those who can value their personal space and who can take great care of them.
  • Although people have their own bodies and hearts, and they never unite, but for Scorpio individuals strongly seek to become united with their partner. One thing they are extremely afraid is of being hurt and sometimes take extreme measures like suddenly block you on social media.
  • They will give you a very honest and generous relationship, but they will ask the other person to do the same. Problems are likely to occur at the time of separations, and there will be no reconciliation with their partner.
  • Scorpios tend to have a late marriage, so they won’t rush to get married. Scorpios will wait carefully for the opportunity. In marriage, there is a strong desire for a monopoly, so there is less freedom. There are many people who are not good at balancing child care and work because they are good at concentrating on one point.

 Career and Jobs

  • Scorpios tend to become a serious worker. From time to time they might not be too social of a person, but will often be trusted by others because they tend to have a good personality.
  • Scorpios are very sensitive to the acquisition and will focus on the goal. They will definitely achieve the target without any adjustment. However, it is overwhelmingly stronger whether or not, they moved by emotions rather than your material desires, and in some cases, you may spend time and effort on useless things.
  • Scorpios often don’t need regular sleep and can stay up all night, but went they need to recharge their energies they will sleep well no matter where they are (even on the train).

 Example: Professions such as medical professionals and lawyers, SE, programmers, operators, who make full use of specialized knowledge are suitable for Scorpio. Also, rather than working with an unspecified number of people, a profession that slowly builds a relationship of trust with a fixed person would be more suitable. Scorpio has a clear like and dislike, so even if you don’t work hard enough, you won’t continue. The point is to choose a job that you truly like, not for your life or status.

  • Also, although they are fairly resistant to stress, they tend to sub estimate their capabilities and overload. Will be good to have a rest, or forcibly taking breaks. Decoding “Scorpio” in an Astrological Way
  • In astrology, Scorpio is the eighth of the twelve zodiacal constellations.
  • It is a constellation that stores the seeds of plants in the earth’s nostalgia in preparation for winter death and is responsible for the mystery of the reincarnation of life in the natural world.
  • In Mesopotamia mythology, it is a scorpion guarding the gates of sunrise and sunset and is also one of the monsters created by Babylonian founder God Tiamat.
  • According to Greek Mythology, Scorpio comes from the story of Orion – the hunter with Artemis who had an ability to walk on water and was killed form the scorpion Gaea – God of earth sent as punishment. Was also said the most handsome man alive. Zeus placed both of them in the heavens as a constellation. The bright star, Antares, is the Scorpion’s heart. 
  • Also associated with the God Hades, exploring new possibilities in destruction without losing a firm will to survive even in extreme conditions. That is where the mission of Scorpio was placed.

The keywords for Scorpio is: ”I desire”

  • Connected with Scorpio’s achievements and heritage of the ancestors and pass it on to the next generation.
  • Realize that human unavoidable fate of death and individual ambitions and abilities are limited.

The Ruling Planet of Scorpio is Pluto.

  • Pluto is the planet that controls the beginning and the end, destruction and regeneration, absolute power, and forced change.
  • Although it has the power to control latent things and produce existence from nothing, it is characterized by being realistic with few fantasy aspects and producing drastic changes that fundamentally overturn the essence of things.
  • The events that take place where Pluto is located on your birth chart, can be a development that transforms your personality, or you can lose everything from an uncontrollable event.
  • Pluto tells us that there is the power that we can’t control.