You, Me, Astrology

Astrology is a language that the sky speaks to you.
Today, I would like to share with you a quick guide for each zodiac sign.

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ALL ABOUT VIRGO; The sixth zodiac sign.


A sign of perfectionism and realist

Virgo is a great intellect, ease for languages, and often a good writers.
For them, everything is functional and simple. The natural or holistic life is for them.
When the perfectionist side comes out, they could annoy the people around them.
But, that is their powerful ability to get things done with strong management skills.


Versatile, Witty, Thoughtful, Smart, Helpful, Reserved, Materialistic
Selfish, Cunning, Demanding, Superficial


 Represented Tarot Cards:


Inspiration and creativity will flow. Wisdom, hope, and inner peace.


The beginning of spiritual exploration. A leap of faith.


 Recommended Power Stones:

Amazonite | Balance emotional state, release their obsessiveness and accept their uniqueness,

Sapphire | Helps to control their negative thoughts and build positives energies,
improving motivation, communication, and health.

Carnelian | Channel their passions and thought to bring a positive manifestation in life.

Citrine | Brings high-energy, uplifting, and helps to see the good in all situations.

 Basic Characteristics

  • Virgo tends to have original passion and aspirations. Very intelligent individuals and curious about the world. They think in a fluid way.
  • We are very proud and responsible and will fulfill their obligations proudly. Virgo loves helping people, and are good at nurturing people and creating roles for them.
  • On the other hand, there is something very unique and Virgo will focus on things that no one would pay attention to. Many Virgos seem to want to take a bold performance. Delicate characters and tend to be easy to get pessimistic.

 Love Life and Romance

  • In their relationships, they have a realistic perspective and tend to immediately think about whether they can get married or not.
  • On the other hand, in the romantic aspect, they are always taking their partner first, and will never forget the dates of their anniversary. Romantic, and makes sure the other person attends. Could be a little muddy and lascivious, but they will be present when their partner needs them.
  • As for the way Virgos communicate, the main focus will be by email and phone calls, where they are very enthusiastic. However, they tend to enjoy their space and the number of real dates may be small. If their partner doesn’t like e-mail or telephone, it may a breakpoint for them.
  • One of the zodiac signs who tend to be critical and have many complaints could be – Virgo. In marriage, could be easy to accumulate stress, so they will need time to relieve the pressure for what they feel emotional.

 Career and Jobs

  • The way Virgo views work, are at the forefront in their specialized fields because they always think about what they can do and aware of what they are good at and make a lot of effort.
  • One of the characteristics of Virgo is that they are individual very curious and absorbs various things and tries to solidify the foundation, is well aware and very good at delicate work.
  • Virgo has a very good analytical ability and tries to determine the essence of things. Has a perfectionism and a dispositional attitude, they tend to be very sensitive to mistakes and tries to be tough on themselves and others.

     Example: Can be said that Virgos will be good at management and support roles, more suitable than leader roles because they are mentally weak in pressure and are not good at making large decisions.Because they are good to see small details very well and a detail-oriented, good choice to work like accounting, clerical work, research jobs, engineers, and SE who require precision.In addition, it is also suitable for secretaries, help desks, medical-related services, and service industries, as they can attentively understand the needs of other people quickly. Decoding “Virgo” in an Astrological Way


  • In astrology, Virgo is the sixth of the twelve zodiacal constellations.
  • It is a constellation that announces the autumn harvest and prepares seeds for the next season – winter.
  • At Greek mythology, represents Astra, the Goddess of Innocence and Purity, and Demeter the Goddess of harvest, grain and fertility; the symbols of Virgo.
  • The story tells that, Demeter was angry that his beloved daughter Persephone; Goddess of springtimes and vegetation is taken by Hades to the underworld to make his wife, and stops the fruit of the earth. Zeus, in fears that the creatures starve to death, he decides to return his daughter to Demeter for only eight months of the year. When her daughter returned to the ground, flowers bloomed in the fields and crops grew in the fields; springs arrive on earth.
  • This is a story of the four seasons, in which the spirit of help and service, dedicated to Demeter and trying to serve others, became a characteristic of Virgo.

The keyword for Virgo: “I analyze”

  • Characteristics of Virgo are getting a job to earn a living, connect to our daily routine, interest in a healthy life, and a holistic world.
  • Through close self-observation, we learn the importance of social obligations such a work.

The Ruling Planet of Virgo is Mercury.

  • Mercury is a planet that controls the intelligence, the thinking power, perception power, learning ability, communication ability, and indicates the direction of intellectual interest and the object of research.
  • Mercury also forms part of the person’s personality along with the sun and moon and helps to express it to the outside world.
  • Where Mercury is placed in your natal chart, we tend to have the potential to enhance our ability to live, but on the other hand, they also lack flexibility and attention.
  • Mercury teaches intellectual fitness, professional competence, and ways to connect with others.