The more you understand this language,the easier your life becomes.
Open your mind, find out what is waiting for you.
You will see that it is so simple to look at BEYOND THE STARS
– Mrs. Cari D

Carina Drotos
Cosmic Life Coach

 Kanagawa, Japan

Get hold of your life with the help of the cosmic gifts

Hola! My name is Carina Drotos. I’m a certified astrologer, tarot reader and mindfulness expert and I teach modern mystics how to use astrology to create your dream life.

New here? I recommend you start to check the resources page, which is the soul of this website and will guide you towards connecting with the magic-cosmic-world in every area of your life; from power stones to restore your energy to astrology implementing to your daily life.

tell me about yourself, Carina!

Here we go! 7 Facts about me 🙂

  1. Highlights: I’m a Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo and Rising 28 degrees in Scorpio (so a little mix of Saggy too.) Hola! It’s a pleasure to talk with you!
  2. I call myself The Cosmic Life Coach because I combine all of my learning of astrology, the timing of cosmic patters of the planets & stars to creating; Cosmic Life Style.
  3. First impression: I tend to be a listener at the beginning but once you know me… I bring the party! Enthusiastic, energetic and love to laugh (Sun in Aries). Creative and l have a large amount of love and care for my people! (Moon in Leo) and, from time to time I can guess what you are thinking (intuitive) people are wondering what I have in my thoughts-leaving a little mystery in the air- (Raising in Scorpio).
  4. I may be an Aries, but I am not athletic at all but I consider dancing as work out (You will find me dancing Zumba at home). My Aries side comes up as a leader and I am good to help people around me identify them goals, strengths, challenges and create a step by step plan, ultimately reaching a dream life. 
  5. After many years of roller coaster of my emotions and feeling lost, I had a positive, motivating and best experience to get trained under a great wellness coach Ale Espinoza , and my mentor and astrologer Luis Aguilar who helped me discover my passion for Astrology. Personal growth, healing and soul searching followed. Reading books, attending advanced courses I knew that I wanted to dedicate all my time to come up with my own job for life and help people through my passion because that is what I do best! I am immensely passionate about bringing awareness about the Cosmic Gift; Astrology to the people in depth.
  6. I met my husband and 3 months later we got married on Christmas. I always say I am so lucky and so blessed to be sorrow by each person I have in my life… Joseph is my big miracle, the hardest working person and loves me unconditionally. I am really proud of him!
  7. I have 2 beautiful dogs: Lilo (Mixed pug) and Anna (Pomeranian) and love them so much. And a new member is Sultan, my Siberian Forest Cat. Such a lovely cat. Now, I officially consider myself a cat lady. All my furry-babies change my life for good.

Professional Background

 JADP (Japanese Ability Development Promotion Association)
 Horoscope Reader Master
Mindfulness Specialist

 JAAMP (Japanese Association for Aroma Medical and Psychotherapy)
 Spiritual Tarot Advisor – Tarot Card Reader Instructor
Western Astrology Advisor – Horoscope Reader Instructor

 JFTA(Japan Fortune Telling Association)
 Wester Astrologer

 Centre of Excellence (In progress)
 Spiritual Life Coach
Astrology Diploma Course
Crystal Healing Diploma Course

 Private Tutoring with my amazing astrologer Luis Aguilar
 Many years of self-study and application

My principal areas of expertise

Professional Certificates

📖JADP (Japanese Ability Development Promotion Association)
LEFT💫Horoscope Reader Master
RIGHT💫Mindfulness Specialist

what my clients says

Una super experiencia resolviendo mia dudas. Gracias Carina!!

Verónica Velásquez

Client - Natal Chart

Carina has worked in my natal chart. I am very impressed with how accurate she is and found her advice very helpful. 100% recommended!

Liliana Navarrete

Client - Natal Chart

It was an incredible experience! Loved it!

Paola Villanueva

Client - Natal Chart
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