Hola! I’m Carina Drotos, a 32 years young woman, a quarter Japanese and Peruvian currently living in Kanagawa, Japan. 

I want to share with you my life story, and how I got into what I am doing today. Before I begin, let me tell you that the journey of our life is never direct. We sometimes have to feel we are going in circles to later realize that circles are part of the journey. 

My Childhood

I was born in an amazing family that always gave me the most important thing in life, ‘LOVE’. I am blessed to come into this world being surrounded by the protection of my family. I have vivid memories of my childhood, especially Christmas, when I was surrounded by my entire family. I had the best childhood!


I am Gifted!

One day, my grandfather Abuelito Oscar’s spirit suddenly visited us. I saw him smiling.  I told about it to my mom next morning. She explained how my grandfather loved me and wanted to meet me. But, a month before my birth, he expired. Since that day, I knew I was gifted. 

But, I was scared. So, since I did not know what to do with that energy, I shut it down, thought ‘I am too emotional’ and went around living a normal life. 


Something Was Missing

Years passed and I joined the university to pursue Bachelors in International Economy. Since childhood, my passion was to look at the sky, so I went on to join a well-known airline. I loved flying and discovering the world and visited numerous cities in almost 24 countries. 

I loved traveling, but I felt something was incomplete. I was told to be grateful for what I had, but I couldn’t agree. I trusted my intuition that life had other plans for me. 


Universe Had Plans for Me

When I was 29, the Saturn Return took place. It is a planet transition when Saturn returns to natal placement of it according to your birth chart, and your life takes a totally different route. So, it did. It bought hardships but completely changed my life. 

One positive thing that happened was I met my soul mate, Joseph. I could finally feel positive changes happening. Yet, more changes were to come. We moved in and married within 3 months. I quit my job, looked for better career opportunities, but never felt I could fit in. I felt like a failure.

After a complete breakdown, I finally put myself first. I spoke up for myself and life changed. Specifically, my authentic life began. The universe was working in its own mysterious ways. 



My journey of self-discovery began last year. I worked with my friend and Wellness Coach, Ale Espinoza, and got a chance to study astrology and to connect with my spiritual side. I was open to another dimension at the age of 7 when my grandfather appeared before me. I began realizing that it wasn’t my imagination but I could look into another dimension. I was soon introduced to Astrology.

The last push was when Ale helped me focus on myself. I realized I wanted to do better in life. Whatever I learned from Astrology, I used it as a tool to combine my powers from Universe such as Tarot Cards, Power Stones, and Mindfulness; You, Me, Astrology were created.

I discovered that the purpose of my soul was to help you all. I could heal myself by healing you. This was the law of cause and effect, also called Karma.


We’re All The Same

Just like everyone, I am a learner. I’m working on strengthening my connection with the universe and become a translator between our world and the spiritual world. I also want to show everyone that I’m not special and everyone has these abilities. 

My belief is that we’re all same and the purpose of our lives is to love our life and live along to create a positive impact and create the life of our dreams. Just like I did it, you can do it too! 

I thank you all to let me share my story with you. I believe that since you trust me for looking into your soul, it’s only righteous if I share mine with you.  

Muchas Gracias,

Carina Drotos

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