Hola! My name is Carina Drotos, I am 31 years old. I am a quarter Japanese and Peruvian living in Kanagawa, Japan at this moment.

This is my story.

A lot of people (including my family) have been wondering how it is I got into what I am doing these days. I would love to share my story to show you and everyone that sometimes our journey is not a direct path. Sometimes we have to feel like we are going in circles only to discover that the circles are a part of our journey.

I was born in a lovely and amazing family that always gave me the most important thing in life; LOVE. I am so blessed to come to this world surrounded by the protection of my family (even when my mother was in labor, all my family members were looking at my birth). I remember so much of my childhood as vivid memory with my family surrounded at Christmas and I can’t complain; I had the best childhood.

One day my grandfather Abuelito Oscar suddenly visited us. I knew it was his spirit; standing at my mother’s study desk, looking at us smiling.

The next morning I told my mom and she told me before I born my grandfather always bought me clothing and touched her belly saying how much he loved me, so excited to see me, and couldn’t wait to hold me. A month before I was born he past away. I always knew since that day I was gifted. Gifted with my family and gifted to feel a thing we can’t explain in one word.

At a young age, I was always very intuitive and in touch with my emotions and feelings, however, it wasn’t until I started to get older that I realized not everyone was able to feel and sense the energy of other people around them. But, to be honest I was scared at the same time. Sometimes you get that feeling when you don’t know the unknown and want to escape from it.

Not having any idea what to do with that energy, I just shut it down and decided to think as most people do, “I am too emotional” and go about my daily life.

Years past, I went to university, trying to do the best in my life. I obtained a Bachelors in International Economy and decided to join a well-known airline.

Since I was a kid one of my passions was to look to the sky, especially the night sky. Also, I love to talk and help people, I wanted a job in the airline company. So I can improve the language I learn, constantly communicate with customers and help them as much as I can.

Fly around the world was my passion. I remember a few times I just booked a flight and back to Peru for a day just because I had a week off. I sometimes went to visit my friends in DC or booked a flight to Cancun to meet my best friend and go sightseeing around Chichen Itza. On my birthday I always traveled around the world; especially to visit the archaeological sites, the power spots of the world. I finished visiting almost 24 countries and many cities! Sounds pretty awesome right? Who wouldn’t want to do that for their whole life?

However, I still was not feeling fulfilled in my work. I sometimes had a breakdown and tended not to think.
I just had to go out and try to not deal with my emotions.

Well, at the end of the day I loved to travel but there was still something missing – words that I’ve repeatedly said over and over again throughout my life. Even though so many people kept telling me to just deal with it and be grateful for even having a great job something inside of me would not conform and simply deal with it. So, I continued to trust my intuition that there was something else I should be doing with my life.

It was at this point that the Universe had other plans for me and slowly destiny’s path started to unfold.

On my Saturn Return around 29 years old, change my life.
[This planet transit is when your Saturn return is when Saturn returns to the natal placement of Saturn in your birth chart and at this time your life will take a completely different route] and it did, it was very difficult! My life completely changed.

The only positive thing happens that moment was I met my soulmate, my love of my life, I start to believe in life again. Joseph was one of my greatest things to ever happen to me. It was like a light at the end of that dark tunnel. I change my habits to good and I finally felt positive changes coming to me. Still, we had more changes to come.

We moved in together and got married in 3 months, I decided to quit my job to get better career opportunities but I felt after that I was lost and struggled in my new job. I wanted to do “big things” but had no idea what that looked like or how to make it happen. I tested the waters by going to an interview at various companies, but it never felt like “fit in” with any of them. I didn’t feel like I was utilizing my strengths nor was I excited about any job I came across. I got increasingly overwhelmed by the pressure from peers, family, and society to “get a good job” and “be successful.” I was so frustrated at myself for not being able to figure life out. I took a great job but it felt like a real-life nightmare. I tended to take better opportunities in a major Japanese Company (it supposed to last longer), but I knew I couldn’t settle.

To be honest I felt like such a failure. It sucked.

I think after an emotional, financial, and mental breakdown of the century, I finally put myself first. I spoke up for what I wanted to do. This is when my life changed or should I say, My REAL, TRUE, AUTHENTIC life has officially started!

Looking back, the time I spent with my family was a blessing in disguise. Not only did it allow me to rebuild a stronger relationship with them but it also gave me the time and ability to look deep inside but this time was different. I felt free and fresh to start something creative, something I can share with people around me, something really works in those catastrophic and chaotic times.

Again, the Universe always knows what it’s doing. We may think that our lives are falling apart and in a way, they are, but only so that they can be rebuilt again, better, stronger, and more aligned with what we want – with our true soul’s desires. Always when you have a crisis, we learn to trust that there is still is a plan working behind the scenes even if you can’t “see” it. Over the last several years my life has led me down many roads all of which I never thought I would be crossing. Yet often some of the most magical events in our lives can never be imagined.

Last year my journey of self-discovery started. I’ve worked with my amazing Wellness Coach and friend Ale Espinoza, also, luckily got a great opportunity to learn astrology in my mother language and connect with my spiritual side to clear out old habits and thought patterns as I was being asked to change everything that I thought I knew.

I was being directed to re-learn and shift to a whole new way of being and a new concept of what life is. A change in consciousness was occurring as I was being moved (often pushed) up the spiritual ladder. There are things that I believe in now that I would have never even thought possible unless I had experienced them first hand – which I have. My opening to the spirit and other dimensions started with my grandfather’s Oscar appearance at the age of 7. It was only a matter of time until I realized that this was not just my imagination, rather, I was seeing into another dimension. I began to be thankful for these opportunities.

As fate was surely knocking I was quickly introduced to Astrology and the rest was history!

My cousin Oscar past away, I tried to reconnect with him. I felt so in peace when I slept in his bed and dreamed of him the first night I came to visit my Tia and Tio. After I came back from my trip to one life-changing night I start to look at my books which helped me to heal that feeling of losing someone important in your life and looked up to the sky. One shooting star past, I knew that was him to help me to understand. The next day I had a consultation with my astrologer, she helps me to heal. The next coming year I start the classes just days after his anniversary with now my teacher and astrologer. I was so amazed by what he told me and at home that night and read everything I could about Astrology until the sun came up…literally! Two Oscars, it could be a coincidence but I feel it was destiny. Since that day, learning and passion have not stopped since. Deeply grateful with my amazing teachers in my life Luis Aguilar and Mayra de Libero.

The last pushed was from my Wellness Coach Ale who help me to focus on myself. I knew I wanted to do good in life, but I did not know how to channel my energy or focus my thoughts differently. All of what I learn in classes later I have come to use Astrology as a tool to blend so many powers from the Universe such as Tarot Cards, Power Stones and Mindfulness. Essentially, I discovered that I could create my ideal life using all the tools and understanding the energies and deeply enjoy the process of creating my dream life: the journey to embracing myself, aligning with my vision, and building the habits and skills to make that life a reality.

One of my soul’s purposes was to discover my authentic “purpose” work and use my gifts for the highest good to help others.
In helping you all, I get to heal myself as well and this perfectly describes the law of cause and effect, sometimes called Karma.

Just like everyone on their journey, I’m always learning and I’m currently working on strengthening and managing my connection with the universe and be a translator between the world we live in and the spirit world all around us. Another part of my journey is to show everyone that we ALL have these abilities. I am not any more special than anyone else.

It’s energy, which we all are, and we all possess the ability to tap into it ourselves. I believe that at our best, we’re meant to LOVE our lives and make a positive impact with the gifts we are given. My wish is that we all would dare to be bold, take a chance on ourselves, and set out to create our dream lives. If I did it, you can do it too! I’m just like you and you’re just like me.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you because just as you are trusting me to look into your soul, it’s only right that I share and open mine as well.


Muchas Gracias!!

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