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Having a consultation with Mrs. Cari D is a great experience in helping you recognize your potential and planning your life feeling like a runner of your reality.  Rather than helping you predict what is coming for you, it is about working with you with an opportunity to get deeper insights about your concerns!


 If you are interested in working with Mrs. Cari D, stay tuned to her social media where she will be announcing the process of consultation and activation of the form so that you fill it with your data and your concern about what does not let you “shine like a diamond  “.

 You, Me, Astrology  DOES NOT guarantee each consultation request form unless you received the confirmation email.

 GOOD NEWS! I am always posting useful information online, so please visit me at  @mrs.cari.d and say Hi Cari!! She will reply to you as soon as possible!

 The payment method is via Paypal and the payment process will be sent once we approve your service with its respective amount. You can verify the type of service offered here: INFO! Consultation
 Payments via bank account or cash are not accepted.

 The consultation service consists of an appointment via Skype with Mrs. Cari D. Unfortunately, Mrs. Cari D do not offer in-person consultation at this moment. Of course, you are allowed to record and take notes as much as you pleased during the session.
 On the day of the appointment, you must be present on Skype at the scheduled time. The waiting time will be 15 minutes.

 We do not handle a waiting list. I prepare in advance for client sessions. For this reason, there are no cancellations once a booking has been confirmed.
 If you cannot attend the scheduled appointment, you must cancel or request a change of appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the appointment service will NOT be refunded.

 The appointment schedule is always in the time zone of Tokyo, Japan. (EDT)

Any questions or comments, you can write anytime to

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