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Cosmic Life Style

Let’s get on board

Cosmic Life Style

The Cosmic Life Style is for modern mystics’ way to live, ready to create your dream life using cosmic gifts.

Carina Drotos – Cosmic Life Coach will help you to incorporate astrology, tarot, and mindfulness into your day to day life, so you can learn how to use all the Cosmic Gifts has given you by the Universe to be your best self.

Living a cosmic lifestyle is both magical and practical.

We are what we eat, how we work, how we move, and how we care for ourselves are all opportunities to create a harmonize life just being in tune with the universe.
With all the information I share at my Social media with topics range from self-care essentials for each zodiac sign, keeping a moon journal, to keep your mind in the best condition with mindfulness we will be able to create a life full of magic and start living a life that you have always wanted; Welcome to Cosmic Life Style.
I am sure, you will enjoy this journey which will make you laugh, make you think, and always provide you celestial tools to work with.

How you will incorporate a Comic Life Style?

      1. Have conversations with you; find your true purpose.
      2. Reorganized your life; aline ourselves with the universe.
      3. Celebrate a moment with all of you; transform into your dreams life.
      4.  I will share my great resources; available useful tools.
      5. Remind you to “shine like a diamond”.

Want to learn more about Comis Life Style?

Let me tell you something… Everything I share will you on my social media is FREE!

Here is the information available so you can start right now and incorporate it into your life!

      • WEBSITE:
        Educational information and basic learning about Astrology/Tarot/Mindfulness and Power Stones!
        Available all resources and you can even request an online appointment to learn more about yourself.
      • INSTAGRAM: @carinadrotos
        Behind the scenes and about my life! Weekly updates with more information.
        Inspirational quotes, stones properties info, astrological update, weekend tarot and my favorite items!
      • FACEBOOK: @youmeastrology
        Provide information on horoscope and any astrology activity.
        I am sure you will become a GURU in astrology with this valuable informations!
      • TWITTER:@carinadrotos
        Always wondering what lunar phase we are? How this phases will affect to us?
        Well, now you can find everything you need to know about our mother MOON on my twitter account!

More to come, stay tuned!!

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