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Introduction of Zodiac Signs

Welcome back ♡
Before starting to read the birth map, I will explain it to make the explanation a little easier to understand!

♡ About Astrology ♡
A horoscope that determines a person’s personality, talent, and fortune based on the position of the star when viewed from a specific location on the earth.
Create a chart called “Horoscope” using “Western Astrology” in the astrological technique spread in Europe.

♡ Birth chart ♡
To perform full-fledged astrology, the Birth Chart ★ will be the location of each star at the moment of birth!
By analyzing the planets, constellations, and houses reflected in this star chart, such as the personality, talent, and destiny of a person
It is said that you can understand the basic pattern ♪

♡ Components ♡ Look at each star when checking the diagram
★ Planet → Basic functions
10 planets
Sun︎, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Urans, Neptune, Pluto

☆ Constellation → Features
12 constellations
♈︎ Amazing braves, quarrels, temperament. However, what has been decided once will be achieved. Although it is a leader, its loneliness is not inferior to any constellation. ♡ Carnivorous
♉︎ Bull The type that thinks by acting quietly. Take care of your assets and assets and become professional with money! I also like gourmet! ♡ Lust for sexual desire
Twin︎ Twins love to talk. Ideas always come from one to the next, so don’t be refreshed unless you use words. ♡ Little devil
︎ 蟹 Home is the main constellation! Really take care of the family, the house is the best. Eating delicious homemade rice is the best because I love to protect my family and make rice.
great︎ 獅子 Constellation with excellent self-expression. Full of power and vitality! I love to draw attention, but sometimes it is not aggressive. ♡ Type loved more than love
blood︎ Blood Maiden A. It is a very nervous type. I like to do things myself as much as possible. ♡ There is a place to forget yourself
Balance︎Balance We are fashionable and social. Often acts as an intermediary to express justice, justice and fairness. ♡ I always want to have a one-on-one relationship with someone, boyfriend and girlfriend one after another! ?
♏︎ 蠍 Passionate constellation. You can’t control your emotions hard, but it’s easy to get hurt. Earnings are good. ♡ Straight, but betrayal is over!
Arch︎ Archer is an amazing adventurer. Many people travel abroad or study abroad. There are many experts because of the desire to always learn. ♡ I want him / her to have a new adventure
♑︎ Goat who is good at Goat plan and can climb even little by little! He often seeks status and honor, and his best job is to work hard! For foreign companies. ♡ There are many first-class partners
Gen︎ Water bottle genius. He has good sense that doesn’t come out to others who have the idea. He is good at moving society and persuading groups. There may be many friends, but one or two believes. ♡ Always seek change, freedom is more important than anything, so it’s easy to find someone who understands it
♓︎ Pisces I love to dream and enter my world. Always friendly to people and ideal for consultants. Because the spirit is weak, feelings are like waves. ♡ Make me a hero in my world

✴︎Home → Roman numerals. Divided into 12 units
Myself. Face, appearance, appearance, atmosphere to show to society
II Value, ownership, and shared property with others. You can see your talent and assets
III Intellectual activity, communication skills, lower grades learning and learning, small actions, brother-sister relationships
IV A place where we leave our home (soul and heart). Relaxation, home, house of mind. Home infrastructure.
V play, self-expression, hobbies, favorite things, favorite people. You can see romance (love than love).
Meaning of VI service, contribution activities, sincerity and faithfulness. Employment and work areas. Health care can also be seen at this house.
The exact opposite of VII. On behalf of someone else, how do you interact with others in your interpersonal relationships and life? ! Partnership, marriage field
VIII sharing. There is no border between you and the opponent. Deeper relationships and sexual relationships than VII. Share assets with ancestors.
IX quest. Know what you want to know in adventures, go and explore places you have never been before. Travel, acquisition of expertise with other countries, but useless.
X social end goal. Title / honor. Social goals to be sought. You can also see the occupation and the appropriate title.
XI human network and communication skills. How to get involved with colleagues, how to get along with friends with the same goals, and advice to get great results. A parent relative such as a circle.
XII unknown world, after death, subconscious. this thing

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