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 The Journey of Self-Discovery

The energy from the Universe tells you a lot, the stars and the planets unravel various paths for you, about which you are completely unaware. I have chosen tarot cards and astrology as tools to understand the energy from the universe and to use my spiritual gifts in specific areas of life where clients need guidance and support. I am very honored to help those who have chosen me as them; Cosmic Life Coach. I believe that the right mentoring can help you attain mindfulness and can help you get your life on the right track. Unlocking your full potential is possible for anyone. Let’s recapture your mind, body and spirit with me.


More you understand this languange, more easy your life becomes!

Welcome to: Cosmic Life Style!

– Carina Drotos –


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On process. Step-by-step guide for you to archive all your dream. How to use all the Universe energies/tools for an easy way for manifestation. Guidance and strategies you will need to take control of your life and create your best life.

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