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The World of Astrology


My intention is to help you live from a better perspective, find yourself, heal old wounds and
be able to make more accurate decisions in your present and future.

Let’s beginning with Astrology


The World of Astrology

Have you ever wondered what sign you are? I imagine your answer is; I AM ARIES! Or the sign depends on your birthday.
Well, let me tell you that that sign we usually say is, OUR SOLAR SIGN.

In the “Astrological” way, we can say: At the moment you were born, the sun was located on the zodiac was Aries.

Astrology is characterized by helping us interpret every aspect of our life using the movement of stars that sparkle in the sky as an indicator. Astrology studies are often in close relation with astronomy, alchemy, meteorology, and medicine.
Therefore, it is based on the celestial theory. Astrology most often consists of a system of horoscopes purporting to explain and interpret every aspect of a person’s personalities and a way to take a look at future events of our life based on the positions of the sun, moon, and other celestial objects at the time of birth. As our ancient civilizations did; develop elaborate systems for predicting terrestrial events from celestial observations.


It means a glimpse into the nature and future of things by the arrangement of celestial bodies

With the information on the planets and zodiacs, we can deduce and interpret the characteristics. It could be difficult at the beginning to understand the theoretical part, but the most important thing is, ALWAYS OPEN YOUR MIND, use all available tools and interpret with our heart. It is more simple than we thought.

I believe, the difference between an astrologer and another is the way of interpreting.
As one wise man said: “Do not compare yourself with anyone, keep your head up and remember: you are neither better nor worse, you are simply you and that nobody can overcome it.” Likewise, our birth chart is a message from heaven with our unique and personal life story. I invite you to learn with my content!
As a bonus, you’ll see that you can read your family and friends as a book;)

This is how I started!

The benefit of knowing astrology

Astrology has many contributions that can help us in our daily life.
Let me explain to you more about what makes this ancient practice so useful, the hidden tools or secrets the astrology offers and how we can take advantage of all this in our lives.

 Astrology Tools

 The Zodiac Signs
This part is dedicated to knowing a little about us and the people around us, it helps us to know what are our virtues and points to improve with respect to our Zodiac sign, which is taken out with our date of birth.

A key to understanding a person’s psychological tendency (more known as Characteristic). It represents the nature of each planet.

 Natal Chart
It is like a map of the person, it is more dedicated to the individual to see his strengths his downward sign, his lunar and solar ruler, this is done with more data of the person and not only with the date of birth but also with the time and day they were born as well as the place (Country and state).

This is more dedicated to future events of people. With this, we can take measures of possible events that may occur.


Indicates a desire for independent activities


The field where the power of ZODIACS and PLANETS will demonstrate.

 Positive aspects of astrology in our life

It helps us in our social relationships because with the knowledge of our possible personal and zodiacal compatibilities we can be more easily involved in a sentimental relationship and also with our new friendships.
In turn also be aware of the possible events that may affect our daily actions, whether bad or good, know and act with respect to what we saw or read, take action and change what can be changed to avoid what We don’t like our horoscope.
It should also be noted that each living being is connected to the universe and to this planet in some way what happens to the universe affects our body and actions. This does not mean that astrology or the universe is blamed for our actions, but the more we know what can happen in our environment, the more actions we can take in our lives, and the more we know better decisions we can make.