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The World of Mindfulness


My intention is to help you create your dream life with all the tools available on this site.
Let’s continue with mindfulness practice.


The World of mindfulness

Have you ever driven your car somewhere and arrived at your destination only to realize you remember nothing about your journey? I had that moment so many times before, that sense of the mode of autopilot simply not being fully there in that moment. With all the technology and chaotic daily life tons and tons of people become vulnerable to anxiety, stress, and depression. We just forget why are we living and forget our strongest and happiest moment; JUST PAY ATTENTION AND BE PRESENT IN THAT MOMENT.

We, modern people, are tired, and potentially many people are looking for comfort.
Here we will learn and I will provide information so that you create that ideal living environment even a little.

The benefit of knowing mindfulness

Mindfulness is considered to live happily using awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensation, and surrounding environment focus and concentrate on what is in front of you. Helps you to not judge and just paying attention to our thought and feelings with the attitude of an impartial witness- without believing them or taking them personally.

Mindfulness can be roughly divided into three categories.
1. Belief Purpose: Practice of Buddha’s teaching. Practice all life such as eating and bathing.
2. Business Purpose: Upgrading power, work efficiency, creativity, EQ
3. Medical treatment Purpose: Disease treatment. Reduced stress, improved recovery.

 Creating Mindfulness Practice


1. Awareness:  realize that thoughts have come to your mind have a habit of past experiences.
2. Let go: Let go of the discomfort caused by the habit of thinking.
3. Gather: Concentrate at that moment.

 Positive aspects of mindfulness in our life

Mindfulness has many empirically demonstrated benefits. For physical health and mental well-being, for treating illnesses, and managing the all-too-common symptoms of stress and anxiety. Creating a quality of life and health. The practice of mindfulness reduces stress, anxiety and other destructive emotions. Will help you to create clearer, more focused thinking and improves efficiency at work and at home. Let you reduce emotional reactivity. Improves confidence and emotional resilience reduces compulsive and addictive tendencies and has also been shown to work better than any diet for effective long-term weight loss.

Mindfulness improves your emotional and social intelligence and develops your empathy and compassion. It is also shown to improve relationships.

In other words, the more mindful you are the happier you are.
Mindfulness can transform your entire world for the better from the inside out and for the millions of mindfulness practitioners around the world, it’s doing just that!

Are you ready for your happy mindfulness practice? Let’s start to feelings of fulfillment, peace, and wholeness!