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The World of Tarot Cards


My intention is to help you live from a better perspective, find yourself, heal old wounds and
be able to make more accurate decisions in your present and future.
Continuing with Tarot Cards 


The World of tarot cards

Are you ready to learn how to walk your own path and be guided by your own voice? Welcome to the world of Tarot Cards. The charm of using this tool is anyone can easily learn and enrich their life.

Tarot cards have become a signpost of modern people who are troubled and tend to be lonely. Don’t get me wrong this is not only about using tarot cards when you are in trouble, but you can also use it as a tool of self-discovery and guidance.

The world of tarot cards can define by these characteristics:
1. You can learn to interpret your intuition for your life guidance.
2. Obtain mysterious knowledge, philosophy knowledge of the world, It greatly expands our thinking and vision.
3. You can enjoy the art itself. Since there are countless cards, you can enjoy it as a collection.

In the process of learning the meaning of each tarot card, you will learn many philosophies and lessons, which will naturally increase your knowledge and enrich your life. In one way to another, Tarot cards are like counselors, advisors, or teachers who are always there for you to consult and teach you the exact solution.
Within this technique used by so many, we find several energies immersed, that go so much from the person who reads the Tarot, and the person who is being consulted, knowing that their actions can modify these predictions.

The benefit of knowing tarot cards

Going deeper, we notice that these tools bring with it different teachings that allow us to correct both the behavior and the disposition of people, prompting them to always follow a good path; This also makes it work as a great system of self-control, since through it, people lose their fears, because with this not only is predicted about something but, that some facts also serve as a guide, to know how to face negative situations and a great resource to face the future. The tarot benefits can bring us great quality.

We must take the Tarot as a mirror, in which the whole interior of each person is reflected. Another of its main benefits is that it conveys faith and hope, teaches how to handle situations, find satisfactory and quick solutions to problems and adversities. It should be noted again, that with each action, you make your own destiny, the Tarot only reflects a small part of what the events will really be, but it is up to each one, to take the benefits of it correctly, making sure to learn with him, that we can effectively deduce some things from our present/future, but, also with our faith, we can do everything much better.

 Interpretation of Tarot Cards

 Major Arcana
22 cards: The core of Tarot Cards

Major Arcana are 22 cards that start with “The Fool”  No. 0 and conclude with “The World”  No.21.
Those cards from 0-21, represents the completion of the world and life.
Speaking of major arcana features has a title scripted in the cards and a motif based on various mystics and thoughts. In contrast to minor arcana, which represents daily life things and symbols, major arcana themes are magnificent, such as fate.
When you unfold the card, you should be able to read it smoothly by paying attention to the position where the major arcana came out.

 Minor Arcana
56 cards: Represents everyday-life scenes

Minor Arcana are 56 cards composed of 4 suits (symbols). Those suits correspond to “The Four Elements” and “The Four Motivations in life”, each of which you can interpret as
1. Wand by fire and passion
2.Pentacles by Eart and Material things
3. Sword by wind and intelligence
4. Cup by water and emotion.

In addition, each suite consists of four cards, Paige, Night, Queen, and King, with a court card (person card) drawn and A (1) -10 number cards (several cards).
Coat cards are particularly characterized by their compatibility and character appearance.
For Numeral cards, A, which stands for “Fixed Beginning”, is considered the strongest, and the rest also has a daily meaning.

 Positive aspects of tarot cards in our life

It is much more than fortune-telling. Tarot is a simple but powerful way to introduce you, your self-care practice. The energies and intuition which brings tarot card is something that will wake you up in ways you never imagined, and something that will help keep you grounded when you need it most.

One of the accessible ways to interpret energies from the universe and is not that difficult to learn, I really think you can learn too! It will help you to develop your ability to see yourself in the world and a great way for you to practice compassion, not only for others but for yourself. And it helps you see possibilities within yourself that you never imagined.